PAM Cucipop: History

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1.31-8 Patch to log the source IP address so cucipop can be used in conjunction with pop before SMTP systems such as Perdition BPS and DRAC. 6th August 2002
1.31-7 Patch to set the RHOST item for pam, as subbmitted by Stefanita Vilcu. 12th January 2000
1.31-6 Patch to limit the maximum number of simultaneous connections that cucipop will accept. The number is configurable through the command line and defaults to 0, no limit. Feature requested by John Ferlito. 8th December 1999
1.31-5 Segfault Patch that fixes a problem with cucipop when a mailbox has nx16 messages, n >=1, thanks to Dirk Nehring. 25th November 1999
1.31-4 makevpopdb now included. Not sure how I missed this earlier. 5th May 1999
All releases and patches are available in the downlaod directory.

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