radius: compile

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  1. Unpack radius
       uncompress -c radius21.tar.Z | tar -xvf - 
  2. Apply patches.

    I recommend applying radius-2.1.comprehensive.5.patch

       cd radius
       zcat ../radius-2.1.comprehensive.5.patch.gz | patch -p1

    Alternatively you can patch using radius-2.1.build.patch, and possibly some of the other security patches.

       cd radius
       cat ../radius-2.1.build.patch | patch -p1
  3. Build
       cd src
       make EXT=RedHat_Linux_6.0 all

    The resulting binaries should be in the RedHat_Linux_6.0/ directory.

    Please note that, despite its slightly misleading name, the RedHat_Linux_6.0 target works on most recent Linux Systems including Red Hat 6.x, Red Hat 7.x and Debian GNU/Linux.

    There are many other targets available, they can be found int the conf/ directory. This includes targets for FreeBSD, SunOS and HP-UX. Simply exchange RedHat_Linux_6.0 for your desired target in the make command listed above.

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