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This page contains patches for the work being done to port Kexec to Xen on ia64.

Please feel free to drop an email to the xen-ia64-devel mailing list, and CC me if you have any queries or want to get involved.

  xen-ia64-devel: xen-ia64-devel at lists dot xensource dot com,
  me: horms at verge dot net dot au

Update: 6th February 2008:

Feeling like I am on a bit of a roll, I have spin another release of the code, v20080206. It has been upported to a much more recent version of ia64 xen-unstable, and I have moved much of relocate_new_kernel from domain0 into the hypervisor. Comments included in the patches.

Update: 25th January 2008:

I have finally spun a new alpha release of the code, v20080125. Kexec from Xen to Xen seems to be working quite well on both an Intel Tiger4 and an HP RX2620 with EFI memory maped into the location it is be mapped into in linux, and these mappins protected by a special region ID. The Region ID code has taken much longer to get working than I would have liked.

Download Tarball, broken out patches and documentation, checksums
Documentation readme, build
Broken out Patches The patches touch two separate trees:
Xen hypervisor
Linux-Xen domain 0 Kernel
All the patches include comments describing what they do, and if they are from upstream Linux this is noted

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