This page is a bounce-point for various work that Magnus Damm and I have done with VA Linux Systems Japan on kexec.

The scope of our work thus far has been:

Architecture i386 (x86_32), x86_64 and ia64
Linux Various kernel cleanups and fixes
Xen Port of kexec to xen for the hypervisor and doman 0.
Merged for all target architectures
User-Space Maintaining kexec-tools

Kexec: Soft-Reboot and Crash-Dump Analysis for Linux and Xen

Presentation given at Linux.Conf.Au 2007.

Download: pdf, latex beamer source


If you have patches that you think should be included in this tree, or any queries about kexec-tools, please send them to the kexec mailing list, and CC me.

  kexec: kexec at and CC me, mailing list:
  me: horms at

git: git://
gitweb: more...
release: local copy
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