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Linux.Conf.Au Presentations

Over the past few weeks eastern Australia, including Brisbane, has been subjected to devastating floods. Our sympathy and condolences are with anyone adversely effected by these events.

Last night a decision was made by the organisers and Linux Australia [offsite] that despite the floods Linux.Conf.Au 2011 [offsite] will go ahead next week in Brisbane as scheduled. Horms Solutions is delighted to be able to be part of the event.

In Tuesday Simon Horman will be making a presentation at the MobileFOSS miniconf [offsite] on using zboot to boot Linux directly from flash or, SD or MMC cards on SH-Mobile ARM.

On Wednesday at 15:45 Simon Horman will be making a presentation at the main conference on Network Bandwidth Control in Virtualized Environments [offsite]. This covers the use of Linux's QoS facilities to control guest bandwidth usage.

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